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What we use 


We normally film in High Definition or in Ultra High Definition (4K) depending on the needs of our clients.

The equipment we use includes:

  • Sony PXW-Z100Ultra high definition cameras (4K - 4096x2160p and 3840x2160, HD - 1920x1080p&i) including Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 DSLR equipped with VLog-L for High Dynamic Range (HDR) filming.

  • Miniature GoPro cameras (1920x1080p and 3840x2160P), one with handheld 3 axis gimbal stabilizer.

  • High definition 7" monitors which can be mounted on most of the cameras

  • Atomos Ninja 2Atomos Ninja 2 HDMI smart production recorder, monitor and playback deck (with 4-channel sound and 240GB SSDs capable of recording ProRes continuosly for over 5 hours each)

  • Tripods and dollies, monopods, shoulder rig,  steadicams, jib, tracking dolly and motorised pan/tilt equipment.

  • Green screenSound equipment including 6-channel recorder and various types of microphone including shotguns, omni-directional, lapel (radio and cable), together with microphone boom and blimp.

  • Lighting including tube and LEDS, camera and stand mounted

  • Green screen - 6m x 3m

Jib mounted camera

We often film using more than 1 camera (up to 4 cameras simultaneously) and up to 4 additional sound tracks using a separate sound recorder.


We use professional editing software (Vegas Pro 15) which gives us the flexilibity that we need to produce virtually anything, supported by a large number of special effects and advanced titling software. Vegas Pro now claims the ability to save to Final Cut Pro format, if required, although we are Windows based.Vegas Pro 13 screen
Click on the photo to see a working edit from our short drama, "Angel Snow" in Sony Vegas Pro 13. The raw material from camera and recorder is shown being assembled for each tape, before rendering individual takes for assembly in the edited scene. Click here to see the final edit of our short drama, "Cry England!", with all scenes rendered and put into one project with titles, sound effects and music, assembled in Sony Vegas Pro 12 (an earlier version of this editor).
Hitfilm screenWe also use HitFilm Pro 2017 which enables us to develop special effects including motion tracking, particle generation in 2 and 3 dimensions.
Projects from HitFilm can be imported into Vegas Pro 15.
Click on the picture right to see the more detailed screen. Here we have generated flames that are orbiting Stephen Fletcher in a trial run with HitFilm 3 Pro, and earlier version of HitFilm.


Publication can be in Blu-Ray or DVD format (printed to the numbers of discs required, no limit), or on YouTube or in any other format of the client's choice. We often upload up to 2GB at a time of video files, although larger files can be uploaded.

If you would like to contact us for more information, please Email us.  

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