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Filmed Interviews

Working closely with WarGen and with the Manchester Indie Film Makers Group, we have undertaken a number of filmed interviews on varying subjects, mostly the war time memories of civilians and veterans of World War 2 with WarGen, and discussing the views of people involved in the MIFMG.

Examples of our WarGen interviews (interview and film by Michael Thompson) can be found on the WarGen website but the film embedded below is a typical example of what we have produced for WarGen.

We are now offering to film interviews for anyone who has a need, if they live in the vicinity of Manchester and Liverpool (North West UK), or Newcastle upon Tyne (North East UK).

Here are some examples of people who might wish to be recorded on film:

  • An older member of a family who has memories that he or she wish to record for their descendants in perpetuity. These may include specific experiences such as living through a particular period of recent history e.g. the Korean or other wars, the 1950s, the 1960s and so on.
  • Someone who has had a particular experience or has particular views that they wish to record.
  • Someone who has a particular story to be told, such as their family history.
  • Someone who wishes to present a particular skill.
Normally, we would focus the cameras on those being interviewed. There would be an interviewer whose voice may or may not be heard on the final recording, that depends on the choice of the client. The interviewer is there to make the recording and to prompt, if necessary, although others can be present to prompt the interviewee(s), if they so wish.

For this type of work, we use at least two cameras and usually set up lighting for better presentation. The WarGen example above used three cameras, all operating in UHD (ultra high definition). The resulting edit was reduced afterwards to HD and to SD for distribution on Blu-Ray and DVD respectively.

For an additional price, transcriptions can be provided, but it should be understood that transcription is a time consuming process, often taking 10 or more minutes to transcribe one 1 minute of talking. For a 1 hour interview, that can involve at least 10 hours transcription time.

If you would like to contact us for more information, please 
Email us. 

Prices for undertaking such work will be provided on request.

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