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"Angel Snow"

Gabe the last of the AngelsHardy Productions UK in association with Nigel J Anderson Film and Production are proud to announce the release of our second drama, "Angel Snow", written by Nigel J Anderson, and co-directed by Michael Thompson and Nigel J Anderson, on Friday 20th February 2015 at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester, UK.

This is a "zero budget" short film, made in Salford and Manchester (including Chorlton-cum-Hardy) during the Spring and Summer of 2014. Run time: about 28 minutes.

Watch the trailer here in High Definition:

Click here for the 4K version of this trailer

Jackie, begging Shaun over her son"Angel Snow" was filmed in the full 4K  (4096x2160 pixels - 17:9 ratio) format, although it is expected that it will normally be shown in High Definition. The larger format provides greater detail, as is demonstrated by the stills from the film on this page.

Shaun McConnellBy showing this film to the general public, we hope to publicise the skills of those involved in its making, the cast, the crew, as well as to raise money for Charity.

We chose Talbot House as our preferred charity, "supporting families of people with learning difficulties".

The Cast and Crew

(Full details will be provided in our press release in due course)

Gabriel Gibson (Stephen Fletcher)

Jackie Gibson (Nell Cooper)

Shaun McConnell (Nigel J Anderson)

Chloe Dawlish (Anne-Louise Fortune)

Mick Hennessy (Gareth Preston)

Solicitor (Helen Roadhouse)

Radio Announcer (Ann Anderson)

TV Announcer (Susan Foster)

Story and Screenplay:  Nigel J Anderson

Directors:  Michael Thompson and Nigel J Anderson

Production: Hardy Productions UK in association with Nigel J Anderson Film & Production.




Summer 2011 Manchester is burning and the wailing of sirens can be heard as police and emergency services battle to control the surge of looters semantically rampaging through the city.

At home watching the events unfold is an anxious mother, Jackie, waiting for the moment her son, Gabe, comes through the door. What unfolds is an intense confrontation of willpowers and how a mother’s love can never truly overpower the emotions of a son who believes his true destiny in life has somehow been denied him.

A dilemma arises when Jackie discovers Gabe is implicated in the riots and when she seeks the help of his less than angelic father, Shaun. The truth unfolds of what his Dad has in mind for his son. Can Jackie prevent Shaun’s past from catching up with Gabe and convince him that a life of crime doesn’t pay.

An Angel by name doesn’t entirely ensure he can be kept on the straight and narrow or stop his transition from boy to manhood.

This compelling story keeps you guessing until the last moment of whether Gabriel can really live up to his angelic name.     

The Making of the Film

Outside the barber shopFilming of "Angel Snow" commenced in March 2014 using a script written some time ago by Nigel J Anderson and more recently worked up with actors Nell Cooper and Stephen Fletcher who were to play starring roles in the film.

Several locations were used around the Manchester and Salford area, including Salford itself (near Chinley Street and the river Irwell), Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester City Centre and Swinton.

Gabe on Woden's BridgeWe also filmed further downstream of the Irwell on and beside Woden's Bridge also known as Mark Addy's bridge (constructed in 1873), with Ordsall on one side and the railway and tram arches on the other side. The Pomona Strand was a particularly good place to film, abandoned and overgrown.

We are very grateful to K-Style Barbers in Chorlton who allowed us to take over the shop one evening for the barbershop scenes and to convert another shop next door into a living room!

Shaun's flat was filmed in a private apartment in central Manchester.

Shaun talks to GabeWe decided from the start to make this film in black and white and to use a 4K 17:9 ratio format (4096x2160 pixels). Since we set out to make this something like a cross between a docu-drama and a kitchen sink drama, virtually all of the takes were on monopod or hand held, giving the desired camera movement. Only on rare occasions where there was no alternative did we use a tripod.

"Angel Snow! is a "zero budget" film, using volunteer actors and crew, whether it be holding the microphones on a long boom, recording sound, or making continuity notes.

The Premiere

A premiere of “Angel Snow” was held on Friday, 20th February 2015, at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Cambridge Street, Manchester alongside other filmmakers that we had invited including JackTheLad Films and Westlake Films.

Roughly 60 to 70 people attended the premiere, which was in aid of Talbot House.

Film Review

Following a showing of "Angel Snow" at Kino Shorts 55 in Manchester on Wednesday 25th February 2015, we received a review written by Jayna Patel for 45 MAGAZINE:

Angel Snow, Michael Thompson, Nigel J Anderson

Gritty: A scene from Angel Snow.

Angel Snow, directed by Michael Thompson and Nigel J Anderson was as hard-hitting as it was gritty and gruff with captivating acting portraying Salford’s daily grime, quality mise en scene and a rocky sound track to successfully tell the tale of a desperate mother trying to keep her wayward son on the straight and narrow, fighting influences close to home.


If you would like to contact us for more information about making a drama like "Angel Snow", please Email us.

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